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Contact Lens Exam in Hazlet

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Hazlet Eye Care

Millions of people live with some sort of vision impairment from day to day. Luckily, it is easy for such individuals to be able to see clearly. With the use of visual aids such as prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, people can see clearly no matter what kind of vision impairment they happen to have. If you are looking to get contact lenses, then we here at Spare Pair Vision Center can help you get the contact lens exam in Hazlet that you’ll need to get started. Even if you already have an up to date pair of prescription glasses, you will need a separate exam in order to get contacts.

Some people wear glasses primarily whereas other people may choose to wear contacts instead. Others may choose to switch between the two and wear either one depending on the occasion, but even people who wear primarily contact lenses have a backup pair of eyeglasses. No matter what though, if you are looking to get contact lenses then you will need to have a separate exam conducted. There are several other factors that we here at primarily need consider before you are fitted for contacts, such as whether or not your eyes are able to even wear contact lenses on a regular basis for one. Some people may have specific conditions that prevent them from being able to wear contact lenses such as severe dry eye, corneal scars or ulcers, and even certain eye allergies. A contact lens exam in Hazlet here at Spare Pair Vision will cover that. The curvature of your eyes will also need to be measured in order to make sure that your lenses stay in place and fit correctly. Additionally, your contact lens prescription may differ slightly from the one used for eyeglasses, so that will need to be checked before moving onto trying contacts themselves.

Once your contact lens exam here at Spare Pair Vision is complete, we can move onto the fitting. The fitting will provide you with the opportunity to sample and try on different types and brands of contacts in order to determine which one you like best. You will also learn how to properly and safely care for your contacts. If you are interested in a contact lens exam in Hazlet, call us here at Spare Pair Vision to learn more or to book your appointment.

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