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Contact Lens Exams in Holmdel

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Contact Lens Exams

Having perfect vision is not just a convenience. When you have perfect, 20/20 vision, performing everyday tasks and going about your daily routine is comfortably and easy. Living without perfect vision can not only make everyday life more difficult, but uncomfortable and dangerous as well. Constantly squinting in order to focus can cause frequent headaches and not being able to see clearly can make performing everyday activities like driving dangerous. Here at Spare Pair Vision Center in Holmdel, we can provide you with the proper vision exams you need to keep your visual acuity sharp and clear.

There are many different ways to improve your vision. Glasses are the most traditional method for making up for any sort of vision impairment, but contact lenses are another option. For patients who do not like wearing glasses, contact lenses are a great option. Here at Spare Pair Vision Center in Holmdell, our optical team can provide you with the

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contact lens exam and fittings necessary to help get you the contact lenses you need. First, you will need to have a contact lens exam performed. The magnification for a pair of glasses differs from the magnification in a pair of prescription contact lenses because they sit at a different distance from the eye. For contact lenses, you will need a unique and accurate prescription strength. Once this is determined, we can help determine whether your eyes are suitable for contact lens wear. Some conditions will automatically identify whether you can wear contacts or not, but sometimes this can only be determined with a test run. One of our optical specialists will provide you with a contact lens fitting where you will try out different contact lens brands and types. You will also learn how to safely insert, remove and care for your contact lenses.

Contact lenses are a great, convenient option for people living with vision impairment, but before you get contacts it is important that you receive the proper exams and fittings first. If you are looking to switch to contacts, call and schedule an appointment with us here at Spare Pair Vision Center in Holmdel today.

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