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Discount Eyewear Store Middletown

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Discount Eyewear Store Middletown

Whatever your eyeglass needs are, you can depend on us at Spare Pair Vision Center to meet them. With options such as polycarbonate, trivex, high index, and aspheric lenses, our Middletown discount eyewear store provides everything from the practical to the cosmetic. And don’t forget that your vision benefits and the money in your flex spending account expire at the end of the year, which is rapidly approaching. Make sure to get the most of your benefits by using them for a pair of our eyeglasses.

Polycarbonate Lenses Middletown
Polycarbonate Lenses Middletown

Durable and resistant to scratches, polycarbonate lenses are an ideal choice if your work, hobbies, or daily routine has you in situations where your eyeglasses can get scratched or broken easily. These are also an excellent choice for children. Our Middletown discount eyewear store knows that kids can put a pair of eyeglasses to the test and with polycarbonate lenses, you have a pair that can pass. In the same vein, we also offer Trivex lenses. They are slightly thicker than polycarbonates and are usually a little more expensive, but they are somewhat lighter and tend to provide sharper vision, particularly side to side, than polycarbonates.

High index lenses come in handy when you have a strong prescription and would prefer to match them to thinner frames or if you simply do not like the appearance of particularly thick lenses. So if you need lenses with a higher level of vision correction and you would like to avoid the obvious thickness of the corresponding lenses, high index are a wonderful option to consider. Similar in their purpose, aspheric lenses give you a thinner lens appearance also. Among their advantages are a consistent width throughout the lens, which provides you with a more natural vision. Our Middletown discount eyewear store is happy to assist you in determining which type is best for your unique situation.

These days, more possibilities are available to suit your vision needs, your practical needs, and your cosmetic needs all at once. Regardless of what your vision concerns are, the right pair of eyeglasses is here at our Middletown discount eyewear store.

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