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At Spare Pair Vision Center, we address a variety of eye concerns, from the bothersome to the dangerous and everything in between. Dry eye syndrome, a condition in which your eyes are not adequately lubricated due to an insufficient production of tears, is more on the bothersome side, but our Holmdel eye doctor wants to help you to manage it so that you won’t have to be burdened with its effects. Dry eye syndrome is usually symptom driven, which is to say that you will notice it before we do. Among the signs that may indicate the presence of dry eye syndrome are a burning or stinging sensation in your eyes, sensitivity to light, blurred vision (especially after long periods of time reading or in front of a computer), tired eyes, and eye redness. Sometimes, you might also notice that your contact lenses are causing you discomfort. This is another possible clue.

Chronic Dry Eyes 07733
Chronic Dry Eyes 07733

What causes dry eye syndrome? It can be occur because of exposure to the sun or wind, smoking or secondhand smoke, because of cold or allergy medications, or working in dry conditions, such as an air-conditioned office or a windy environment. Age is also a risk factor for dry eye syndrome. Any previous eye surgery could also make you more susceptible to it. If you are experiencing symptoms, call us to schedule an exam with our Holmdel eye doctor. A diagnostic test, such as measuring the volume of your tears with the use of blotting strips under your eyelid, may be done to help form a diagnosis. Another such test involves using specially dyed eye drops that test the quality of your tears.

Treating dry eye syndrome may be as simple as using artificial tears. There are over the counter products, but if a stronger dosage is needed, our Holmdel eye doctor can prescribe one. There are habit and lifestyle changes that typically are very helpful as well. For example, avoid cigaret smoke as much as possible, both yours and that of others. Stay out of air-conditioned rooms if you can and protect yourself from wind exposure with eyeglasses or sunglasses. A humidifier at home adds moisture to the air and this can be very helpful for alleviating symptoms.

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