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Glaucoma eye care in Hazlet

Eye doctor in Hazlet
Eye doctor in Hazlet

Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions that affects the optical nerve and can be debilitating, causing blindness and severe loss of vision if not treated in a timely manner. At Spare Pair Vision Center, our eye doctor in Hazlet specializes in glaucoma treatment and other eye diseases that can affect the vision. If you are experiencing blurry vision, vision loss, or any other side effects, call us today to make an appointment for glaucoma eye care. Glaucoma affects thousands of people each year, but is treatable if caught in the early stages before any vision loss happens. Vision loss in most cases can be irreversible, which is why annual eye exams are an important way of keeping your vision on track and to check for symptoms.

During your annual eye exam, we’ll check for any eye issues, do a refraction for eyeglasses if needed, and an eye pressure test which can check for glaucoma. Many people often do not realize they have glaucoma until they have already experienced vision loss. Testing the eye’s intraocular pressure helps to pinpoint if glaucoma is starting to affect the eye, since glaucoma is caused largely by the buildup of fluid in the eye. Our eye doctor in Hazlet is experienced in diagnosing and treating glaucoma before it gets worse.

Vision loss and damage to the eye from glaucoma cannot be reversed. Certain treatments and checkups can slow down the progress of glaucoma, and treatment usually helps lower the pressure in the eye. This can be done in a number of ways, including using eyedrops, getting laser treatment or surgery, or trying prescription eyedrop medication. Various medications increase the outflow of fluid in the eye and reduce pressure through different means to help alleviate the symptoms and condition. The medications are generally safe, but may have slight side effects such as mild reddening, stinging or blurry vision. If you experience any side effects after using glaucoma treatment medications, call our eye doctor in Hazlet immediately.

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