Glaucoma care management in 07733

Glaucoma Care Management in 07733

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Glaucoma eye care in 07733

Glaucoma care management in 07733
Glaucoma care management in 07733

Glaucoma is a familiar to word to many people, even if they are not certain about the implications of it. It’s an eye disease that is associated with optic nerve damage, vision loss, or even blindness. At Spare Pair Vision Center, you can avoid those consequences with early detection and treatment from our glaucoma care management in 07733.

The reason for the disease developing is that your eyes are draining less fluid than they are creating, which results in an imbalance. The buildup of fluid increases the pressure inside your eyes, and eventually that pressure reaches an unsafe level. Glaucoma can also either be brought on or sped up from an eye injury, such as force or a chemical contamination; or eye inflammation or infection. Our glaucoma care management in 07733 begins with a yearly eye exam. You should not wait for symptoms to appear, because when that happens it is an indication that glaucoma has reached an advanced stage. It forms and progresses without any noticeable warning signs in its early stages. Noticing symptoms typically means that some degree of vision loss or harm to your eyes has already been suffered. Redness in your eyes, eye pain, halos appearing around light, tunnel vision, eye haziness, and nausea and vomiting comprise reasons to seek out our glaucoma care management in 07733 promptly. If diagnostic testing, including tonometry to measure your internal eye pressure, determines that you have glaucoma, the imbalance must be corrected. This can be done with eye drops to reduce production of fluid, laser treatments to increase drainage, or microsurgery, which creates a new channel for the fluid to drain from. Any optic nerve damage that has occurred will probably need surgery to repair. You will be referred to a qualified eye surgeon if necessary.

The best way to keep glaucoma from causing you irreversible harm is to schedule a yearly eye exam. Call usĀ glaucoma care management in 07733 right now to book one.

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