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Holmdel Contact Lenses

Spare Pair Holmdel
Spare Pair Holmdel

Thinking about trading in your glasses for contacts? Head on down to Spare Pair Vision Center in Holmdel, where you’ll receive the finest optical service in Monmouth County. Our Holmdel eye doctors pride themselves on having a knowledgeable staff with a family-oriented service. Contact lenses are thin plastic lenses placed directly on the eye. If you have a vision problem, but lead an active lifestyle, you might want to consider contact lenses over glasses because they provide the vision correction you need without getting in the way. If you or your child wishes to use contact lenses, come to our office to learn more about how they could improve your daily life and fulfill your vision needs.

If you’re considering contact lenses, your first stop should be to Spare Pair Vision Center to receive a contact lens exam from one of our talented Holmdel optometrists. During this examination, our eye doctors will determine if your eyes are healthy enough to wear contacts. Then your eyes will be measured so that your contacts will fit properly and comfortably on your eyes. If it is your first time wearing contact lenses, the opticians at Spare Pair Holmdel will assist you in placing the contact lenses in and taking them out. They will help you feel more comfortable with using them daily and teach you how to properly care for them.

Order Contact Lenses in Holmdel

Soft Contact Lenses are most frequently prescribed due to their tremendous comfort.  Soft contacts are now available in multi focal, for astigmatism and even for overnight wear.  Soft contact lenses include:

  • Daily Wear-can be worn up to 18 hours but must be removed and cleaned at night
  • Extended Wear-can be worn overnight
  • Disposable-can be worn for one day and discarded
  • Color changing-can change the color of your eyes even if vision correction is not needed

Hard Contact Lenses, also sometimes called rigid or gas-permeable lenses, offer sharper vision and can correct severe nearsightedness or astigmatism, but are less comfortable at first than soft contact lenses

At Spare Pair Vision Center in Holmdel, we offer all types and brands of contact lenses specifically fitted for each individual’s needs.  It is very important that your lenses are fitted correctly based on your prescription, eye shape and specific needs. Visit Spare Pair for a contact lens exam and fitting with our Holmdel eye doctors.

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