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Often when we think about purchasing our next pair of ophthalmic eyeglasses, we are so much more focused on the look of our frames than the type of lens we need for our eyes. Today’s technology has allowed for more breakthroughs in eyeglass lenses than ever before, with special types for increased durability and protection, as well as coatings that can make it easier for you to drive at night and improve scratch resistance. You can find the perfect combination for your eyes and your lifestyle at your local Holmdel eye care store of Spare Pair Vision Center.

For lenses that play as hard as you, athletes and outdoorsman alike choose polycarbonate lenses to protect their eyes as well as giving them perfect vision. They’re a great choice for kids who spend more time outside than in. Not only can polycarbonate lenses protect your eyes from impact due to objects during your game or at work in your physical job environment, but they can also provide ultraviolet protection. Just ask our expert opticians at your local Holmdel eye care source of Spare Pair Vision Center about lenses for your hard working environment, or your active lifestyle, and they can help you find the perfect polycarbonate lenses to help you see clearly no matter where life takes you.

Photochromic Lenses Holmdel
Photochromic Lenses Holmdel

Photochromic lenses are ideal for people who have sensitivities to light, or simply wish to have constant UV protection from the sun, without the need for prescription sunglasses. These lenses can be made by our providers at your local Holmdel eye care center of either glass or plastic. Today, high index plastic lenses are far more common, as they can be made thinner and lighter in weight, even if you have a strong prescription. Photochromic lenses change their shade from clear to a darker tint depending on the light conditions you find yourself in. They will even darken indoors if you are in a sunny area to protect your eyes from UV rays that can cause retinal damage and raises the risk of cataracts, as well as just being simply irritating to our eyes.

At Spare Pair Vision Center our local offices are your source for Holmdel eye care. With a wide selection of eyeglass lenses for your needs, our fully trained and knowledgeable opticians can help you find exactly what you are looking for to meet the needs of your vision, and your life. No matter how difficult your optical condition is, our staff are ready to work with you to treat it properly. Many lenses you may be considering can also be fitted with Crizal coating for protection against glare, even while you’re driving at night. At Spare Pair Vision Center we can give you the lenses you need to see the world more clearly than ever before.

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