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At Spare Pair Vision Center, our Holmdel eye doctor and the rest of our team of friendly, caring staff members are proud to offer high quality eye care to patients of all ages. Because we offer treatment for the whole family, some of our most popular services are our infant and pediatric eye exams. As your child grows and develops, it is important to be aware of how their eyes and vision are functioning. Infant and pediatric eye exams allow experts like our Holmdel eye doctor to recognize and treat any developing eye conditions or vision issues as early as possible, so as to prevent as much future difficulty for your infant or child as possible.

07733 Children's Eye Care
07733 Children’s Eye Care

You may be wondering: how often should I bring my infant or child in for an eye examination? The frequency of pediatric and infant visits often depends if they are at risk for eye conditions or not. If your child is not considered at risk, you should bring them in first at about six months of age, then again at three years of age, and then before they begin first grade and once every two years after that. If your child is considered at risk, then she should be brought in before six months of age or as recommended by a professional, then again at three years of age or as recommended, and then once a year or as recommended.

Your child may be considered as being at an increased risk for eye conditions if: she was a premature baby, if she had a low birth weight, or if there were other complications at birth, if you have a family history of certain eye conditions, if there was an infection of the mother during pregnancy, if there was a difficult or assisted labor, if she has a high refractive error, if there is strabismus present, if there is known or suspected central nervous system problems, and more. If your child is considered at risk, additional testing or a higher frequency of examinations may be necessary. We can give your and your child a more individualized estimation after a visit with our Holmdel eye doctor.

To learn more about the various services provided by our Holmdel eye doctor at Spare Pair Vision Center, please visit our practice’s main website. If you have any specific questions or concerns, you might also choose to contact our staff directly. We look forward to working with you and your family.

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