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Contact lens-related infections – keratitis in Tinton Falls NJ

Optical care in Tinton Falls NJ
Optical care in Tinton Falls NJ

Cleaning contact lenses every night is an important procedure because without cleanliness, bacteria can build up on the lens and even inside the contact lens case. Contact lens-related infections like keratitis, an inflamed cornea due to infection, can happen if patients aren’t careful. Certain types of bacteria can also cause keratitis. Keratitis is a serious condition that should be treated immediately at our optical care in Tinton Falls NJ center in order to avoid any complicated eye problems down the road.

Symptoms of keratitis include redness, pain, eye discharge, or blurry vision. If left untreated, it can lead to temporary or even worse, permanent vision loss. If contact lenses are not cleaned properly, bacteria or parasites can inhabit the surface of the lens or inside the carrying case. It is essential that proper contact lens cleaning methods are followed in order to keep the cornea and eye clean and free from contamination. Contact lenses can increase the risk of infectious and non-infectious keratitis. Those who wear extended wear contact lenses are more at risk, and should seek optical care in Tinton Falls NJ.

Proper guidelines for cleaning should be followed in order to avoid fungal eye infections that may lead to keratitis. Your lenses should always be cleaned, rinsed and disinfected after removing and before putting them in and out of eyes. Wash hands thoroughly so as not to transfer germs or dirt to the eye. Avoid moisturizing soap, and clean lenses with a recommended solution. For more information on how to clean contact lenses and how to keep eyes healthy, call our optical care in Tinton Falls NJ center. We can also schedule appointments and treatments to treat eye conditions like keratitis, glaucoma, cataracts and more. It’s important to come in every year for an annual exam to help diagnose eye conditions early on and before they start and become worse over time.

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