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Presbyopia can be a bit of a nuisance to those that have it. Or those that live with presbyopia, you may find yourself switching between your normal glasses and readers, having a hard time seeing up close when you are wearing contacts, or are annoyed with the typical line found in traditional bifocal frames. Here at Spare Pair Vision Center, our Aberdeen Township opticians can provide you with no-line progressive bifocals to help make seeing at all distances much easier.

Presbyopia usually occurs after the age of 40 and is a vision condition where adults begin to experience blurred vision when viewing nearby objects. This can often interfere when reading, writing, using the computer or performing any other activities that are done closer to the face. Even people who already have nearsightedness can develop these issues later in life. Typically, presbyopia is treated with a bifocal lens. This lens allows you to see at different distances because the lens is split into two different magnifications. But this line of demarcation can often be troublesome, marring your overall vision or creating a jarring difference when changing distances depending on what you’re looking at. Here at Spare Pair Vision Center, our team of Aberdeen Township opticians can provide you with the solution you need. No-line progressive bifocal lenses are much easier on the eyes than traditional bifocals. These lenses do not have a definite line or difference in magnification. Instead, the magnification gradually changes from the bottom of the lens to the top, the bottom more integrated for looking at objects up close and the top for looking at objects that are further away. This makes changing the distance of your focus much easier on the eyes and much less noticeable. Instead you will have seamless vision at all distances.

Here at Spare Pair Vision Center, our dedicated team of Aberdeen Township opticians wants to make sure that you see as best as you can while remaining as comfortable as possible. If you are tired of traditional bi-focal lenses, then schedule an appointment with us at Spare Pair Vision Center to learn more about no-line progressives today.

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