Optometrist in Tinton Falls

Optometrist in Tinton Falls

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Prescription eyeglasses in Tinton Falls

If you need to have your vision corrected with eyeglasses, you will definitely want to come to our vision practice, Spare Pair Vision Center to see one of our optometrists, one of whom is Dr. John Collini. At our vision practice, our optometrist in Tinton Falls can give you a complete eye exam and make sure that you get the right prescription for your eyeglasses.

Sometimes when a person is having trouble seeing clearly, they will develop headaches. This is very common if a patient has astigmatism, as they will strain their eyes in an effort to see better. Having the right eyeglass prescription from our optometrist in Tinton Falls will stop a patient from getting headaches from astigmatism, and will ensure that the patient is able to see as clearly as possible. Today, just about all refractive errors can be corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses. Once you have your prescription in hand for your new eyeglasses, our frame experts can help you find eyeglasses to work with your prescription needs, face shape, fashion sense, and budget. Our optician will talk to you about the different lens options that we offer. Often times, having the right lens type is almost as important as having the right prescription. This is because some lenses can actually help a prescription to work better. For example, there are now lenses available which do not need to be curved as much when there is a high strength lens required. This means that the patient’s peripheral vision will experience less distortion. There are also other lens types which are lighter, and can make your eyeglasses more comfortable for you to wear. Having the right prescription, will also make your day so much more pleasant because you will go through your day being able to see clearly, without feeling uncomfortable due to the fact that your vision is not as clear as it should be.

If you would like an appointment to see our optometrist in Tinton Falls, contact us today.

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