Tinton Falls eyeglasses

Tinton Falls Eyeglasses

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If you want your Tinton Falls eyeglasses to look great on you, let us at Spare Pair Vision Center help you to find the ones that not only match your taste and express who you are as an individual, but also the ones that match your skin tone and your face shape. We’re your experts in the making of your eyeglass lenses, the construction of your complete pair of glasses, and advising you on the selection of your frames.

We believe that you should be no less than 100% satisfied with your Tinton Falls eyeglasses. When you like how they feel and how they look, there is no doubt that you’ll feel confident about putting them on when you need to, giving you the sharp and clear vision you deserve. Comfort is closely associated with avoiding issues like pinching your nose or digging in around the ears, but also with ensuring that your frames aren’t too loose, which is an equally frustrating situation. As for complimenting your face shape, your Tinton Falls eyeglasses, it’s a matter of taking into account which of the basic face shapes you have. Moat everyone can be categorized as either square, oval, oblong, round, diamond, or heart. Many times, if the frames are the same shape as your face, they clash and the look is not flattering. And that would be a shame, since if there’s one thing that we can say without any question about the designers we represent, it’s that they make frames that are flattering. Choose from among options by Michael Kors, Dior, Tod’s, Jimmy Choo, Juicy Couture, and Kate Spade, just to name a few.

Take a few moments to contact our office and book an appointment for an exam with our eye doctor. Then let us work with you to choose the perfect frames, including for your face shape.

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